Town Build Limited was incoporated in 2014 with a middle term strategy (3-5 year)  is to develope:

  • Modular / incremental units
  • Housing fund with lower interest
  • Housing in bulk
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Innovative engineering & design


  • Construction & Procurement team
  • Marketing team
  • Administrative & Legal team


  • Ray Lifchez. Architect. Professor. University of Berkeley USA (Community Architecture)
  • Anthony Mwai. Property Developer, Uganda (Real Estate, Construction Industry, Housing sector)
  • Anna Rubbo. Professor, Adjunct Senior Scholar, Center for Sustainable Urban Development, USA (Participatory Planning)
  • Anthony Joseph Whyse Lubandi. Head of Finance and Administration. CFO Sanlam. Uganda (Accounts & Finance)
  • Harriet Busingye, Policy and Governance Officer, Uganda – (Law & Government Policy)
  • Paul Pholeros, Architect, Australia (Education, Research)


  • United States African Development Fund, US (seed grant for year one development phase)
  • Microsoft 4 Africa (Software support)
  • Makerere University, CEDAT, UGANDA (student engagement & research)
  • Uganda Society of Architects (professional networks)
  • Nansana Town Council, UGANDA (Local building and planning Authority)
  • Technology For Tomorrow, UGANDA (appropriate building materials)


Building Experts

  1. Andrew Amara –  Architect and Urban planner. Over 8 years experience in the construction sector.
  2. Otim Richard – Structural & Civil Engineering. Over the last 9 years he has built buildings, towers and roads both as a contractor and consultant
  3. Ssemujju Charles – Mechanical & Electrical Engineer. over 30 years in building services design and implementation.
  4. Sebastian Munyaneza – Administrator. Over 8 years of office management

Outsourced support team

  1. Wilber Rugarama (Branding and marketing consultant with Xtrim).
  2. Ronnie Bagonza (Audit and tax consultant with 10 years)
  3. Jjuuko Kwagala – (Stabilised earth blocks and concrete)
  4. Kimera Paul – (Recylced plastics and thin concrete shells)
  5. David Turyasingura – (Construction management)
  6. Frank Matovu – (earth, timber)