TOWN BUILD hosts a participatory planning process and engages local households in developing plans for their neighbourhood.


  1. Low income local households
  2. Various Town councils e.g. Nansana Town Council
  3. City Building Professionals – Architects, Engineers, Planners
  4. 4th Year students of Architecture, Makerere University


  1. Residents of various local neighbourhoods
  2. Buganda Land Board representatives,
  3. Material suppliers experimenting with new & appropriate technologies
  4. NGOs serving the housing and urban development sector.
  5. Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning


  1. United States African Development Foundation,
  2. Microsoft 4 Afrika
  3. Technology 4 Tomorrow


Towns and cities in Sub-Sahara Africa are seeing an influx and growth of informal housing and squatter settlements. As population grows, pressure increases on land, housing and associated services such as water, drainage and energy. In the city-slums, low-income households end up settling in valleys and swamps, building rudimental ‘shacks’ and living in dire conditions. In Uganda, the urban housing challenge is complex… Local Planning authorities hardly cater to low-income families, while other bodies may resort to evictions of unplanned settlements, which disrupt the fragile socio-economic ecosystems and livelihoods. Architects, Engineers and planners on the other hand do not usually serve this group because many low-income households simply cannot afford the service of the architect.

There is an urgent need to holistically develope appropriate shelter solutions for the informal settlements and low-income households that are rapidly taking root in urban centers …


The planning and engagement is a process that:

  • Transfers skills to the local labor-force (thus indirectly making some individuals better candidates for employment or entrepreneurship).
  • Introduces new technologies and re-interpret materials in forms that aid sustainability and affordability.
  • Encourages materials-suppliers and developers to innovatively address the low-income-household market sector.
  • Spurs further university research into solutions for informal settlements and slums.

In 2018, we are supporting participatory planning for the NSSF Affordable Housing project in Kyanja.

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