The Legal Framework controlling development in Nabweru


Personally, I was charged with finding out and understanding the legal framework onto which the development of Nabweru has depended and will continue to depend. I was also tasked with examining the Nansana Town Council Objectives and relate them with the laws.


There are ambiguities and conflicting clauses in the different laws mostly concerning land ownership and land use.

If implemented properly, the legal framework can bring about the desired development because the clauses project a picture of an ordered and sustainable development.

Some acts and bodies are stand-alone and not accountable to any other body or act. It therefore becomes difficult to control the activities of such a body or to stop a development done under the jurisdiction of an independent body.

The residents are insecure and hostile to any project brought to improve their livelihood.


There are a few clauses that conflict between the various acts and laws.

Unfortunately, no act or law has been adequately implemented and this can be seen in the sprawl and spontaneous undesirable and uninspired development and use of land.

The people of Nabweru are uncoordinated and unaware of the legal framework which makes it almost impossible for them to comply with the kind of sound development laid down in the various act and laws.

The land belongs to Buganda and not to the government which is trying to bring about sound development in the area. The Buganda Land Board, from the way it manages Buganda’s Land, seems like it is as unconcerned about the sound development of Nabweru as its people are.


A lot of sensitisation is required about the relevance of coordinated building and development that would fit into the ideal urban environment. The people need to know that it is for their own benefit that the laws were put in place.

The town council needs officials to enforce laws and make sure they are properly implemented.

The Buganda Land Board should come to a certain agreement with the implementing body (the Town Council) such that the Board does not undo or hinder what the Council is trying to do. The development of a place is for the greater good of all so there is no need to be divided.

There should be constant revision of the laws to eliminate ambiguity. A hierarchy should also be set up to ensure accountability.

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