Nansana Nabweru North

A community engagement project to develop a planning/design solution to the housing challenges of underprivileged households in Nansana, a suburb on the outskirts of kampala.

Sector: Settlements and Housing, Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture & Engineering


Target beneficiaries: 150 low-income households in Nansana Slum


Background: Towns and cities in Sub-Sahara Africa are seeing an influx and growth of informal housing and squatter settlements. As population grows, pressure increases on land, housing and associated services such as water, drainage and energy. In the city-slums, low-income households end up settling in valleys and swamps, building rudimental ‘shacks’ and living in dire conditions. Uganda has not been an exception. …Local Planning authorities hardly cater to this group, while other bodies may resort to evictions of unplanned settlements, which disrupt the fragile socio-economic ecosystems and livelihoods. Architects and Engineers on the other hand do not usually serve this group because many low-income households simply cannot afford the service of the architect.  Government through the National Housing Corporation and real estate companies have tried to rollout “low-cost” houses, but these houses have also turned out too costly for the slum dwellers; no wonder these same houses end up in the hands of the middle-class. If no solution is found, the number of the homeless is likely to increase along with poor-housing-related issues such as poor sanitation, disease and subsequently unemployment and social vices. Over 1.5million people live in Kampala’s slums (i.e over 60% of the capital’s population).


The Project: The goal is to provide a neighbourhood plan for decent and well-organised living settlements, for 150 low-income households. The project team of city-building professionals & students will engage local beneficiary slum residents in the planning for their area.


The process: Participatory planning tools will be used to elicit and develop locally relevant solutions together with the locals. One small house prototype (30 – 60 sq.m) will be further developed into a detailed plan, and after planning authority approval, will be built as a prototype. Focus will be on comfortable buildings and basic infrastructure (including water,

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